Hello! it’s Big Data

Hello! Its goal is to extend the maxim that no one is the same or do the same and reach them in a personalized way at the right time, because that is how consumers perceive themselves. The consumer wants to be a prescriber of a new form of purchase, based on discovery and experimentation.
The secret for this sentence to work is to address all consumers, but deal with extreme segmentation carefully, either by business, or by stages of consumption, or by condition and type of the consumer through recommendations of products, experiences and services close to your location taking into account your preferences or those of other consumers related to it.
The consumer is the first and last link in the value chain, the most invaluable. For Hello! It is imperative, therefore, that it be the strongest and the best care. And that translates, always, in satisfaction.

Hello! Measure, remember and transmit all the data that accumulates, allowing the learning of the tool. Its own Big Data system allows for answers, opinions and communication with consumers.

This accumulation of centralized data in real time, and its subsequent analysis, makes it possible to measure traceability and consumption income. That is, in a click we check the impact of sales at a certain point.

Based on the available data, reports of behavior patterns are generated in the purchase, with interesting indicators such as frequency and spending, as well as those data that the consumer has facilitated in the discharge (socio-economic, family, demographic, geographical , etc.).

All in all, Hello! not only facilitates rapid scalability and cost reduction in obtaining information, but also simplifies the system of “memory” of the strategies launched, essential tool for learning that allows you to return to the starting point with the accumulation of necessary expertise to design new campaigns even more successful.