Hello! Blog “many things to come, to be explored and to be shown”

This is our first post opening and finally our new website, out new blog and many features. This step gives us the “kick” out to this new stage, which might prove to be difficult or not complicated at all if not “different.”

If you are new you may not have noticed the new look of our website, which we have restyled but “refresh” it’s better to say in my opinion. A refreshment in both image, structure and in definition of our tool Hello! Shopping in order for it to be easier to access and more enjoyable.

With all these new things, we took the liberty to make a video and you can view it in the upper section.

In a short time of 2 years we have had many good experiences and other less good experiences, but in between what we learned that “it doesn’t matter where the wind goes, what matters is the direction it wants to take us.”

Hello! Shopping v.3 has changed a lot, it has grown, it has adapted and with it we believe we can grow the industry of customer loyalty systems.

Our future plans lead us to new agreements and connections with other systems, more ambitious projects in Spain and beyond.

We hope that our new blog is a tool where you can communicate and inform using our ways or at best be “inseparable companions in this amazing travel.”

We hope you like it!

Hello! Shopping Team