This privacy policy is intended to regulate all aspects related to the processing of data of different users – natural persons – who browse or use the services offered by Visualweb Studio SLU ( Visualweb/ Hello!/ Datly)


From Hello! Datly we want to offer you a safe and reliable browsing experience and service. Therefore, we have implemented this privacy policy that complies with the security measures required by the European Regulation 679/2016, of April 27, concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (in forward, RGPD).

As already stated in the Terms and Conditions, the company that is behind this website is the following:

Visualweb Studio, S.L.U

NIF: B-43845429
Address: Calle Más de Barberans, 11 – 43870 Amposta 
Contact email:
Email for the exercise of rights related to Data Protection:
Phone: (34) 93 100 23 43

For anything you need as a User, you can contact us at the email address indicated above or at our physical address.

1.1 In which sections of the Platform do we collect your personal data?

a).- Through the contact form of the Website

On the website, the user will find the option to write to the owner of this page to clarify any doubts he may have regarding the operation of the services, platform or any other. In this form you must indicate your name, surnames and email so that we can contact you, as well as the data that we may require and others that you consider in the message that you send us.

b).- Through our Help Center or Contact

The user has in the VISUALWEB help center a series of explanatory articles illustrating the functioning of the tools and functionalities offered on our platforms. In your case, the user may send a request to resolve any further questions.

c).- Through our Newsletter

The user is or will be able to subscribe to our Newsletter if he so wishes, so we would collect his email address to proceed to send news related to the services and / or products sold, the news of our blog and information considered relevant to the user, in addition to offers, discounts and promotions that are considered of interest.

d).- Through our blog

HELLO! DATLY  has a blog in which articles and news on current issues are published. The user can check the blog, read the articles and have the option to comment on them. To do this, you will have to fill in a form with the required information.

In addition, the user has the possibility to subscribe to the blog, providing their email to receive all the news of it.

e).- When registering as a client

By filling out the registration form as a Client, the user will have access to a private profile within the solution or platform, which will allow you to view the history of signatures made, the documents sent and their status. When registering the user will indicate a series of personal data, such as name and surname, telephone, company and email, which will allow identification within the platform and to manage any procedure that must be done with it by the owner of the platform .

f).- By selecting the free trial of the services offered

The user has the possibility to benefit from a trial version of the services offered by HELLO! DATLY free. To do this, the user, selecting this option, must provide name and surname, email, telephone number, position and company in order to be able, if necessary, to complete the registration process at the end of the trial period.

g).- When the user is a recipient of an email sent through one of our platforms

The collection of your data occurs when the issuer or client of one of our platforms indicates your name and contact email address as the recipient of the information or document you send through HELLO! DATLY. Before you can send your response, the receiving user will see that you are warned of the privacy policy that will be applicable to you for said data processing and the conditions of use to be taken into account.

h).- Through our corporate email

Trough the email address: you can write us and / or require the information you consider necessary to clarify the doubts related to our services or about the operation of our platform or blog.

i).- By collecting data from a third party Primary Service Provider

It is possible that a company that provides services has subcontracted the services offered by HELLO! DATLY for the execution of any of them. In this case, HELLO! DATLY will collect your data, as the person in charge of processing, for the purposes of providing the service contracted by the aforementioned company, not using them for another purpose that breaks the obligations of said service; but can use them for the purposes established in point 1.3 of this same policy.

j).- Throught social media

We can collect your data through your user profile on social networks that we use from HELLO! DATLY, which are detailed in section 1.9 of this policy.

k).- Through the “work” section

The user interested in working with HELLO! DATLY may send your application to possible vacancies in the company, applying to them through the website by filling in the dedicated form and attaching your curriculum vitae.

We inform the candidate to the job that your data will be processed by virtue of the selection process to which you have subscribed. We also inform you that these data may be kept for (5) years, in order to be able to treat them as data of job candidates to be able to inform you, where appropriate, of any job offers that may be of interest.

1.2. What is the purpose and / or purpose in collecting this data?

The purpose of the data collection in all the sections mentioned in the previous point is to maintain a direct and personalized contact with our Users. In this way, we will use your data to answer any questions or information you may require, manage your requests and inform you of activities that we believe may be of interest to you.

We may also use your data for advertising and commercial prospection purposes.

The email that you send us through the contact form and / or the email from which you write us to our corporate email and / or that you have given us at the time of registering as a user, we will use it to send you information related to the doubts or concerns that you have raised, advice, news and promotions, as appropriate

In no case will the User receive information from third parties without having informed him and requested his consent in advance, thus ensuring compliance with the parameters of the law.

In any case, in the email or email that you receive, if it is not of your interest what we send you, you can unsubscribe in a timely manner.

We will also collect the biometric data when an advanced electronic signature is made in order to validate that the person signing is who they say they are, adopting the necessary mechanisms to safeguard the information in accordance with the provisions of the data protection regulations.

1.3. Use of personal data

HELLO! DATLY communicates to its Users that the personal data they provide will be processed by the HELLO! DATLYin accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned RGPD.

The purpose of data processing through the channels established in point 1 will be, in detail, the following:

  1. Attend and resolve the requests or queries required of the Users.
  2. Inform about news or activities that we can carry out from HELLO! DATLY.
  3. Send information that is considered to be of interest to the User.
  4. Manage the business relationship
  5. To be able to carry out the invoicing and collection of the contracted services, as well as the usual management of clients
  6. Purposes of advertising and / or commercial prospecting of one’s own HELLO! DATLY

Inform you regarding your data of the following: (i) your data will not be used for other purposes than those established in this policy on our part; (ii) all this information is stored on an independent secure server.

Warn you that the information you provide through the Website may reveal or allow others to deduce your nationality, ethnicity, sex, age or other aspects of your private life. Thus, by providing this information completely voluntarily through any means of any of our platforms, the User is expressly and voluntarily accepting this Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data.

1.4. Share information with third parties

As already stated in the previous points, HELLO! DATLY will not provide user data to third parties. If you wish to do so, you will be informed in advance and your consent will be requested.

1.5. Unequivocal consent for the processing of your data

In compliance with the requirements of the RGPD and in accordance with the provisions of our internal policies, each time you send us personal data you must give your express and unambiguous consent by clicking on the box that appears at the bottom of each form where your personal information is collected. data.

When you write to our email address, you will expressly accept that we can collect your data for the purpose or request that you have made.

With said action (s), you are manifesting freely and unequivocally that you agree with HELLO! DATLY treat your data according to the purposes mentioned in the previous sections.

The User guarantees that the personal data provided to HELLO! DATLY are truthful and is responsible for communicating to him any modification of them. It is also responsible for the information it indicates regarding the names and / or emails of the recipients; HELLO is not responsible! DATLY for not receiving them if there is an error in the indication thereof or for any reason attributable to the issuing user.

The acceptance of the User that their data are treated with the purposes referred to in this policy is always revocable, without retroactive effects, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.

1.6. Other requirements and particularities

The services, access to content and offer of products on this website are exclusively directed to people over 18 years of age, so any person who provides their personal data declares to have that age, being forbidden to use HELLO! DATLY and the delivery of personal data to minors.

We inform the user that, unless specifically stated otherwise, it will be considered necessary to complete all the data required in the forms that you will find on the website or other associated platforms.

In the case of not supplying all the estimated data as necessary, HELLO! DATLY may, depending on the case, not process your request.

1.7. About your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, portability and forgetting

The European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 have implemented a series of legal guarantees that allow the user to exercise rights and actions related to the processing of their data.

HELLO! DATLY offers you this legal guarantee, so that, at any time, and / or when it deems appropriate, you can make use of your rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation, Opposition, Portability and Forgetting by writing to the contact email we have enabled for it: sending us an application by physical mail to Calle Mas de Barberans, 11 – 43870, Amposta; attaching, in both cases, a copy of the passport or DNI (holder of the data) and indicating in the matter expressly the request you wish to make: access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, portability or forgetting.

We briefly explain what each one of the rights that you can exercise:

Access Through the exercise of this right you can know what personal data of yours are being processed by HELLO! DATLY; its purpose, origin or possible transfer to third parties.
Rectification Is that you can modify your personal data that are inaccurate or incomplete, must specify in the request what data you want to be modified.
Cancellation Allows the cancellation of your personal data by inappropriate or excessive.
oposition With the right of opposition, you can oppose the non-processing of your data in cases such as: advertising activities and commercial prospection or when such treatment is aimed at the adoption of a decision referred to you based solely on an automated processing of your personal information.
Portabillity You can receive your personal data in a structured format, commonly used and mechanical reading, and be able to transmit them to another responsible person, whenever technically possible.
Suppression or forgetting You can request the deletion of personal data without due delay when any of the cases contemplated concur. For example, illicit data processing, or when the purpose that motivated the treatment or collection has disappeared.

We also undertake to process the data in accordance with the criteria of limitation and minimization of data in the processing of data that, where appropriate, we make.

1.8 Security measures in data collection

a. To guarantee the security of our data, we will ensure at all times that it will allow us to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the data of our Users that have been sent or collected through the means mentioned in the first point.

In this way, HELLO! DATLY maintains the security levels of protection of its data required by the European Regulation, and has provided all the technical means at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of data provided by the User to through the platform.

For these purposes, HELLO! DATLY uses a system of transmission of data and information with the servers where they are stored that complies with the measures detailed in letter c).

b.Likewise, and aware of the importance for the user of the data they can send, HELLO! DATLY undertakes to inform you of any situation that may have endangered the confidentiality and availability of your data, adopting all measures that are within your reach and as soon as possible to resolve this incident.

The previous obligation, although, will not be enforceable when the communication of the incident to the users could put the data of the same in greater risk. In any case, compulsory circuits will be followed to notify the competent authority, when by law; or to the user or users affected by the possible incident that could have occurred.

c. Measures that are applied in detail to the solution HELLO! DATLY:

  • All access to data in HELLO! DATLY are made through secure connections using https security certificate.
  • The password to access the different HELLO! Platforms DATLY will be stored in encrypted form while it is active.
  • In order to guarantee confidentiality, accessibility and availability, the files kept in HELLO! DATLY will be stored in distributed and replicated systems.

d. The personal data that is provided through the web or in the process of registration and / or registration to the services, will be treated by HELLO! DATLY, in order to carry out the provision of services offered, as well as to send by any means, including e-mail, offers of products and services of this company, improve the business relationship and manage the requests made by customers provided that this has been collected individually and expressly, in compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned RGPD.

e. The formulas for collection and consent of the user are included in this text, but the user and / or client must be aware that HELLO! DATLY uses services in the cloud, that is, it has its servers within the space limited to Europe.

f. HELLO! DATLY may contract with third parties the provision of certain services that may involve access or storage of your data or documents, by the aforementioned third parties. In any case, this access will not be considered in any case as a communication of your data by HELLO! DATLY towards the aforementioned third parties, but it must be understood as a mere provision of a service, which is what the European Data Protection Regulation calls the treatment managers.

In all these HELLO course! DATLY has signed the legally required data processing contracts with these third parties where, among other terms, it details the purpose of access to the data and the security conditions, as well as the commitments and obligations acquired by HELLO! DATLY.

However, the foregoing, as a user of our company or platforms, understands, accepts and understands that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable and that, therefore, you are obliged to adopt the necessary security measures allow to trust in the veracity of the web in which you are entering your data. We will also do our best to guarantee the privacy and security of your identification data at all times, always using the utmost diligence and implementing the necessary measures.

As such, we inform you that you will be solely responsible for the security measures that you implement in relation to the protection of your data, with which, HELLO! DATLY is not responsible for situations where the User has not implemented the security measures that apply; nor of its consequences, as well as for causes or damages caused by third parties unrelated to HELLO! DATLY, including fortuitous cases and / or force majeure.

In accordance with the above, HELLO! DATLY can not guarantee that unauthorized third parties may have knowledge of the class, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use that Users make of the services offered on the platform. However, as a measure, conditions of use have been established in our Legal Notice.

1.9. Politics in social networks

HELLO! DATLY has a corporate profile on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Instagram. Thus, by virtue of the provisions of the Personal Data Protection regulations HELLO! DATLY is “Responsible for the processing of your data” due to the existence of such profiles on social networks and the fact that it follows us and we can follow it.

The above means that, if you decide to join our corporate profile as a follower or giving a “Like” or “Like” to our content or profile, you accept this policy, where we explain your rights and how we use your data.

As the party responsible for the processing of your data, we guarantee confidentiality in the processing and compliance with your rights, always under the effects of the aforementioned regulations.

On the other hand, we inform you that we will use these social networks to announce news or relevant information related to the services we offer, or on topics that we consider to be of interest. Using the functionalities of these platforms, you may receive news with this type of information on your wall or in your profile.

Now, we also let you know that there is no link between HELLO! DATLY and said platforms or social networks, so it will accept its policy of use and conditions once you access them and / or validate your notices, terms and conditions in the registration procedure, not being responsible HELLO! DATLY for the use or treatment of your data that is made outside the strict relationship and provision of services indicated in this policy.


HELLO! DATLY uses its own and third-party cookies to track and improve certain functionalities and services. If you want to see what our policy is about it, click here.


HELLO! DATLY reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to future legislative or jurisprudential developments, as well as to future uses that it plans to make of the personal data of the Users of the website or trusted services. In the event that said modification affects you in relation to the processing of your data, for example, because you are going to perform some additional treatment, not previously informed, we would notify you of it.

The User is recommended, in any case, to read the Personal Data Protection Policy of the Website each time they access it.


This privacy policy is complemented with the terms and Conditions, and Cookies Policy and those associated with this Website.


In accordance with everything expressed in this privacy policy, the user accepts the following data treatments:

7.1. As a visiting user and / or information requester

The treatment for the purpose of serving you in the requests or queries that you have made to us through the channels that we have in our platform and already mentioned in this policy.

7.2. As a registered user

The treatment for the purpose of providing the requested service, assist you in any doubts or queries you may have regarding the platform, our service or the conditions applicable to it, as well as manage the commercial relationship and be able to make the billing and collection of services hired

The treatment for the purpose of sending you information that we think may be of your interest, about news of the company, news, content that we think may also be of your interest.

The treatment for subscribing to our newsletter, blog and sending other types of corporate and / or commercial communications.

7.4. As a follower user in social networks

The treatment for the purpose of managing and publishing content or information that may appear in their profiles or walls that are associated with our company or collaborators and we think they may be of interest to you

7.5. As a candidate candidate for a job

In case you have written or addressed our company to apply for a job or spontaneously, you will also be accepting the processing of your data for these purposes, subjecting us as a company to what is established in our Privacy Policy.